Spokane, Washington Drug Treatment Centers and Rehab Programs

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Abstemious Outpatient Clinic Inc
1007 West Francis Avenue
Colonial Clinic
North 910 Washington Street
Suite 210
Daybreak Youth Services
Outpatient Treatment
960 East 3rd Avenue
Gateway Counseling Services
701 Wast 3rd Avenue
Suite 101
Isabella House
2308 West 3rd Avenue
Native Project
1803 West Maxwell Avenue
New Horizon Counseling Services
504 East 2nd Avenue
Social Treatment Opportunity Programs
628 North Monroe Avenue
Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers
(SPARC)/Christoph House
1403 West 7th Avenue
Spokane Public Schools - District 81
200 North Bernard Street
Sun Ray Court
Adult Male Branch
518 South Browne Street
Abstemious Outpatient Clinic Inc
10525 East Main Avenue
Daybreak Youth Services
Intensive Inpatient Program for Youth
628 South Cowley Street
Excelsior Youth Centers Inc
3754 West Indian Trail Road
Group Health
Behavioral Health Services
322 West North River Drive
Lakeside Recovery Centers
3710 North Monroe Street
New Directions Outpatient Clinic
2132 North West Boulevard
Northeast Washington
Treatment Alternatives
1224 North Ash Street
Social Treatment Opportunity Programs
STOP Spokane
125 S Arthur
Suite 3
Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers
1509 West 8th Avenue
Stepps/YFA Connections
22 South Thor Street
Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Substance Abuse Treatment Program
4815 North Assembly Drive

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Alcohol Detox Program

Lessons From the FieldAlcohol Detox ProgramWhen people think about the different ways that they can get around an alcohol issue, or can help someone that they know with an alcohol issue, they think of rehab. Rehab is the first thing that nearly everyone thinks of when they think about these...