Walther Hall

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Walther Hall
2008 Christian Street
MD, 21223


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Meeting Times

Sunday at 2:00 pm
Always on Sunday Group Discussion/Participation, Speaker Open
Sunday at 7:00 pm
Acceptance is the Key Group Speaker, Discussion/Participation Open
Monday at 7:00 am
Out The Gate Group Topic, Discussion/Participation Open
Tuesday at 7:00 am
Out The Gate Group Open
Tuesday at 1:00 pm
To Hell & Back Group Open
Tuesday at 8:00 pm
Miracle on Christian St Group Discussion/Participation, Speaker Open
Wednesday at 7:00 am
Out The Gate Group Open
Wednesday at 12:00 pm
To Hell & Back Group Discussion/Participation, Tradition Open
Thursday at 7:00 am
Out The Gate Group Open
Thursday at 1:00 pm
Free To Live Group Topic, Discussion/Participation Open
Thursday at 8:00 pm
In the Trenches Group Open
Friday at 7:00 am
Out The Gate Group Open
Friday at 4:00 pm
Positive Choices Group Open
Friday at 10:00 pm
We Should Have Been Dead Group Speaker, Discussion/Participation Open
Saturday at 4:00 pm
Proud but Few Group Non-Smoking, Candlelight, Discussion/Participation Open
Saturday at 5:00 pm
Woman with a Desire Group Women Open
Saturday at 7:00 pm
Wild Wild West Group Discussion/Participation, Speaker Open
Saturday at 11:59 pm
Midnight Special Group Speaker, Discussion/Participation Open
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