Xanax Abuse and Addiction

Xanax is a drug which is prescribed as a prescription tranquilizer for individuals who are suffering from a number of different conditions. However, some individuals enjoy using Xanax in a way which is not prescribed from doctors and leads to Xanax abuse. Xanax can create a sense of floating or help to calm individuals who are suffering from a hectic lifestyle. Others use Xanax in combination with other drugs as together it can produce an excited state of being which some crave. However, Xanax taken in any form which is not prescribed by a doctor will lead the individual to not only becoming addicted to it but also in being trapped within the sensations where the rest of his or her life begins to fall apart.

Although some individuals choose to abuse Xanax, it is not the high they believe it is. If abused, individuals may suffer from confusion, addiction, memory loss, and even difficult breathing. For individuals who have existing conditions, this means they may be made even worse. For instance, if the abuser has a history of asthma in the family or within his or her self, the asthma may be made exponentially worse, resulting in hospitalization or even death. In addition, it can also cause cardiac related issues if the abuser has a history of cardiac problems due to how it will speed up or slow down a heart.

Xanax, when used correctly, can be helpful and beneficial to some individuals. However, when abused in any amount, Xanax can hurt an individual greatly, especially with repeated abuse over time. To stop Xanax abuse, it is important to first admit if there is a problem and then to seek assistance for that problem. Many states are working on prevention as a means to slow down the amount of Xanax abuse which is going on, but it is important for families and individuals to know there is treatment available and where they can seek treatment from. In addition, understanding the kind of treatment which is available can make it both easier on the abuser and the family of the abuser if they are involved.

The proper strategy for those who are Xanax abusers is to recognize and seek treatment before the addiction spirals out of control. However, even if treatment has not been sought before this period it is still possible to seek assistance. Some states are becoming hard pressed to find funding to cover everything which will be needed in the future. Halting the substance abuse before it gets out of hand and properly educating teens about substance abuse will help to prevent this from happening.

When abusing substances like Xanax, individuals can lose all control and continue to fall into the addiction. When choosing a strategy for fighting back against Xanax abuse, be proactive and educate teens as much as possible. Should the substance abuse occur, there are possibilities which may be explored should things begin to become worse even if the individual is on his or her own.

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