Oxycontin Abuse

Oxycontin was created during the early 20th century to address pain relief for individuals who are allergic to morphine. By the beginning of the 21st century, Oxycontin had become one of the most widely sold drugs of all time which also meant that Oxyontin abuse was naturally going to occur due to how addictive it could be and how easily some individuals could fall under the addiction. Doctors prescribe Oxycontin but in some instances it is possible for a patient to go too far in how much he or she takes and become addicted. Preventing this and treating it should it occur is important as in some instances it can cause serious side effects.

Oxycontin also has the possibility of accumulating in some individuals who have hereditary conditions, allowing a sudden release of the substance in a rush which could very well kill the individual, even if he or she has been abusing it for some time without it occurring. Due to this, proper testing should be done on any individual who is a substance abuser and using Oxycontin. Ask your doctor or medical consultant what should be done in order to make sure the person who is affected is tested especially if there is the possibility of the condition running in your family.

Oxycontin also has another name known as “Oxycodone”, which is basically the same drug. Oxycontin is a time release formula which acts as a painkiller for medium to high levels of pain. It may be prescribed to assist the recovery from an injury in which some injuries create so much pain afterwards the individual takes more painkillers than he or she should which results in the addiction. In other instances, Oxycontin is taken or purchased from individuals who have been supplied with it to deal with their own pain. These individuals will then use Oxycontin along with other drugs, making it a dangerous cocktail for those who have not been prescribed it by a doctor.

Proper regulation and monitoring by a doctor is the only way to prevent Oxycontin abuse. However, once substance abuse has been committed, following the right drug strategy will help to end the addiction before it becomes severe. Evaluate the different strategies which are available through the research which has been done. This will help to point you were you should either admit you or your loved one. In addition, examine the kind of program which is best for you as there are multiple options which will be available based on your addiction and specific needs.

Oxycontin is unfortunately abused and is also one of the most widely sold and abused prescription drugs which are available throughout the world. It has many excellent uses but only if properly used. Once substance abuse has begun, it is only a matter of time before the individual will be completely overwhelmed, especially if he or she is creating a drug cocktail of different drugs to achieve a high.

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