Morphine – Its Use and Abuse leading to Addiction

There are many teenagers and even adults throughout the world who have drug additions to different types of drugs such as opiates or opioids. Opiates are hallucinogens and have many uses but are also extremely addictive. Some people use it to become high and then form an addiction while others have problems with addiction that do not sprout from mistakes such as purposely getting high but rather from a need for morphine and other chemicals that are also opiates.

What is Morphine and What is it used for?

Morphine has many medical uses and needs. There are many people where if morphine was not available as an anesthesia they would not only have to have gone through a great deal of pain but there are also procedures and even surgeries that are not able to be performed without the use of morphine. Morphine is one of the more potent alkaloids in opium. This is a part of why it is such an addictive substance.

Morphine is used primarily for pain relief so that a person who is injured will not be in pain or so that while a surgery is in the process of happening they will not be able to feel what is happening to them. This can be very important and has saved lives, but has also caused pain to other through addiction. This addiction can happen when a person is on a medication that uses a neural opioid for a long amount of time or in other ways.

How can addiction to Opioids be treated?

One form of treatment for these addictions is opiate detox. This is a way to be able to get the opiate out of your blood system which can be very difficult and for some people who got their addiction through medical use that is still needed the process has a possibility of being painful. However, this has been found to be one of the best ways to be able to treat Opiate addictions and addictions to opioids. Opiate detox while treating addition can also be used in order to be able to treat withdrawals.

What are the different types of Opioids?

Opioids are chemicals or substances that are used or can have an effect on the body that causes pain relief or similar reactions. There are natural opiates, fully synthetic opioids and semi- synthetic opiates. Morphine and other parts of opium are natural opiates. Codeine and thebaine are also resin of opium poppy. Each effect that any of these have can be useful for medical reasons but can also be abused, cause addiction and have very adverse side effects. There are even people who have accidentally or purposely overdosed on different forms of opium or components that are found in opium. There are many different effects that Opioids can have but no matter what the effect, unless the opioids are needed, individuals should try their best to stay away from addiction and if addicted should seek treatment before it is to extensively detrimental.

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