Drug Rehab Programs

Drug addiction is a nation wide problem but it is more keenly felt at a local level. Drug rehab programs benefit not only the individual who is addicted but the family, city and community as well. All the while the drug addict is normally unaware that his or her behavior is impacting anyone else. The most important thing to realize is that no one sets out to be addicted to anything. It is a medical condition which has profound psychological effects and needs individualized and specialized treatment.

Drug rehab programs should ultimately provide several levels of care. There should be the detoxification but it should always be followed by dealing with psychological aspects of the disease. Nationwide 8.1% of people aged 12 and over have used drugs. Using drugs in itself does not an addict make but then again no once becomes an addict until they have used the drug.

There would be little hope for the addict without drug rehab programs. These programs offer treatments that are based on proven methods which offer the most chance for success to the addict. 10 % of those who use drugs become addicted. There are several reasons for this. The factors that contribute to drug addiction are genetic, personality, drug availability and sometimes a prolonged painful illness. Painkillers are extremely addictive. No matter what the underlying problem or the drug, drug rehab programs are designed to help the addict to choose life behavior changes. Simply ridding the body of the drug is not effective. This is true even if there is a sincere desire to quit. Extensive drug rehab programs are the most affective.

The effect of any drug rehab program is determined by several factors;

The longer the individual stays in rehab, the better chance for beating the addiction

Every treatment can affect people differently. Finding the right combination of treatment options is crucial.

Treatment should be monitored and altered if necessary. There is no one treatment plan that is right for everyone

The addict should be in a drug free environment.

Intervention is sometimes necessary either by the courts or the addict’s family.

All issues must be addressed. If there is a co-existing problem along with drug addiction then it too must be tended to in order to achieve success with drug rehab programs

With drug rehab programs there are many different treatment plans available. Individuals vary and so do the treatment programs that work for them. The program must be adjusted and tailored specifically to each individual. Whether someone enters drug rehab voluntarily or through intervention does not seem to be an indicator for success. Once the detox takes place most everyone realizes the need for treatment.

Drug rehab programs rely on studies done by Governments and Universities who gather information on the sources and best solutions for drug addiction. Great strides have been made in this area over the years but there is work left to be done. The important thing is that drug addicts be a part of some drug rehab program.

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