Drug Rehabilitation:

Drug Rehabilitation:

Drug rehabilitation is a word used to describe the process of gaining the understanding and the tools needed to learn to live a drug free and normal life. In actuality drug rehabilitation is a life long process which involves changing behaviors. There are several stages to rehabilitation and it begins with detoxification. This phase of recovery can last from several days to several weeks. True drug rehabilitation cannot begin until the body is rid of all traces of the drug or alcohol. The second stage is educational and allows the addict to build skills needed to overcome drug addiction. This stage can take anywhere from a month to a year to fully be successful.

Without long-term rehabilitation, the addict usually returns to the former behaviors which lead to a relapse of the drug addiction. Drugs are available everywhere. Not only street drugs but prescription drugs as well. Because they are so readily available it is important that the addict be well armed to face the world before being released from rehab and also be sure that future counseling and support are in place.

Many drug rehabilitation programs are coupled with programs such as the twelve steps. These are beneficial because they offer fellowship to the addict and the ability to see that they are not alone in their struggle. It also helps them to see that they are among peers and that drug abuse is common.

Before rehabilitation begins, recovery seems unattainable to the addict. By nature, the drug addiction makes them feel that they can only sustain “normally” as long as they have the drug. Because there is not one treatment plan that suits every individual it often takes a series of trials and errors to find the combination of treatments that work. This is a very frustrating phase of drug rehabilitation and success can only be achieved if it is worked through. Addicts must realize that they are powerless over the addiction and it takes every phase and every treatment plan offered to them along with their commitment to success to work.

If possible the addict and/or his family should check out several rehabilitation centers to find the right one. Not only do they vary in price (and drug rehab can be very costly with or without insurance,) but they vary is theories and approaches to rehabilitation. It has been found that a blanket approach to drug addiction recovery is not the answer. Therefore more centers are offering individualized and specialized treatments based on their understanding of a successful program.

Drug rehabilitation is a life long process. While the drug may be expunged from the body and an individual may learn techniques to help them overcome an addiction, the possibility for relapse is always there. The addict and his family need to be aware of that. The individual who suffers from the addiction must realize that one small step backwards can force the entire process back into being. Support from family and friends are extremely important in drug rehabilitation.

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