Drug Rehabilitation Center:

Drug Rehabilitation Center:

Because the number of individuals addicted to drugs has grown, so has the number of rehabilitation centers. Many of these centers are equipped to deal with dual diagnosis because when one is an addict they tend to be addicted to more than one thing. Drugs and alcohol is one example of a dual diagnosis and addiction.

Drug rehab center, drug treatment center, drug treatment program and substance abuse treatment center all basically mean the same thing but their focus may be different. Some are day programs and some are residential and yet others offer both types of services. Their approach to recovery may also be different although many drug rehabilitation centers now are utilizing the holistic treatment option. Rehabilitation involves the addicts entire being right down to their though process so it is important to address all of the issues faced by the addicted individual.

One should not just pick one treatment center and go with it. You should investigate the treatment options available as well as the intensity of the program. Different types of addiction require different treatment plans just as each individual needs and individual treatment plan. Check the drug rehabilitation center’s credentials and also check out the surroundings. It is a gloomy place? How does the staff interact with the patients? All of these things are important to note before choosing a drug rehabilitation center.

Drug rehabilitation centers have actually been in existence since the 1800’s. Thankfully a lot more has been learned about drug and alcohol addiction since the “asylum” days. It was only in the 1950’s that drug and alcohol addiction began to move away from having a mental illness diagnosis and toward the belief that it is a medical diagnosis. (Often, however, psychological aspects of treatment are imperative for success.)

As we enter a new millennium even more has been learned about alcohol and drug addiction and the treatment plans available at drug rehabilitation centers reflect that. Programs are designed to treat the whole person and not just the symptom or outward expression of the disease. It is now realized that a safe and supportive environment is necessary for success of a drug treatment program. A support system must be put into place if none was available before treatment began. Often families and friends are encouraged to take part in the treatment of the individual.

Rehabilitation centers also recognize that the drug addiction problem has moved beyond prescription and street drug abuse. There is now club drug abuse and recreational drug abuse to contend with. Pair this with the fact that most drug addicts are also addicted to alcohol and you have an explosive situation. Drug rehabilitation centers are designed to specifically treat all aspects of the addiction. Dedication by the individual with the addiction is crucial for success. Do some investigation before entering a drug rehabilitation center and ensure it is the right environment and program approach for you. No program is going to be easy, but some are better suited to certain individuals than others.

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