Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

Drug abuse treatment programs offer an addict that is suffering from a substance abuse problem a team of experienced professionals that can help them to recover and lead a life that is prosperous and productive. It can often require an entire team to help these individuals. There is so much more involved with substance abuse issues than simply detoxing the addict and sticking them in inpatient rehab for 30 days. During this time there has to be a multi level strategy in place so that the person is receiving care using various approaches including behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic, systemic, and those that are solution focused but meet the needs of each personality.

People that are in treatment also have to learn new coping skills which will improve the quality of their lives and help to sustain the changes that are made for their lifetime. The focus must be on treating behaviors in a validating and non judgmental approach. These people must learn how to assess their selves and gather better self knowledge. There also must be a very strong emphasis on preventing relapse and to have the ultimate goal being living a life that is worth living. The amount of time that the addict will remain in treatment is usually decided by outside counselors and a multi-disciplinary team as a whole. Each addict is unique and so is their particular situation so it really is impossible for any treatment facility to say that there is an exact time for treatment to be successful. However, for insurance purposes that might be much different.

It would be fair to say that what a typical stay is and what it should be are also different. The ideal stay would be about 120 days but possibly up to over a year. From there returning home is often not safe and those who are serious realize that if they return home they might again fall prey to their past behaviors. For these people a sober living environment is ideal and extremely beneficial. Many times when some addicts do leave treatment and they will move on to longer term treatment programs or other facilities. Some might also return home but will attend vigorous outpatient treatment as well as following closely with the 12 step programs. The addicts that are adamant about returning home quickly and well before their time are the ones that are most likely to relapse.

These people have to be treated as a whole with comprehensive treatment for substance dependency and mental health issues and given an individualized treatment plan. Each is designed by clinical professionals that will identify as well as treat the causes of the addiction. However, the underlying causes must be addressed too. Substance abuse problems are chronic disease just like asthma, diabetes, ADHD, bipolar, etc. Seeking treatment is no doubt the best avenue that can be embraced. This is something that will have to be battled for the rest of their life.

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