Club Drug Addiction

Among all the treatment programs for alcohol and drug abuse, a special class of addiction and treatment programs exists for club drugs addiction. Though the treatment may barely differ from those used for other types of drugs, more education is often needed to break a club drugs addiction. When a person uses club drugs, it’s usually in a social setting and often several people are doing the drug. Being part of that group gives a person a sense of belonging, and they can’t imagine being part of that group or that club scene without continuing to use the drugs. They feel that the club drugs are a part of that lifestyle they’re not ready to give up.

Youth are at a particular risk for club drugs addiction because it’s at dance parties called raves where the drugs are most often found. Because of the sense of confidence and excitement they give a person, they’re popular and widely available at many such gatherings. High school and college students are most at risk for drugs like Ecstacy, GHB and crystal meth.

Ecstacy is the club drug most often smuggled into the country, according to law enforcement officials. While it’s addictive, some users use it only “recreationally” without realizing that they are still doing damage to their bodies. Even infrequent use can cause things from depression to psychotic disorders. Regular users almost certainly do damage to both their brain chemicals and their bodies. This is one of the most common drugs among those with a club drugs addiction.

Crystal meth is also a growing problem for young people, and is one of the most highly addictive drugs used today, among both prescription and illicit drugs. Many people will suffer a clubs drug addiction to meth after just a single use. That it’s now more popular than drugs like marijuana, heroin and cocaine in many areas is worrying. Because it’s so potent and addictive, those who become addicted sometimes never get off the drug, and those who have been addicts for a while and manage to break the habit can have psychotic episodes for years.

Another club drugs addiction common today is the addiction to GHB, the most commonly used date rape drug. Originally an anesthetic, its use was discontinued because of its variable nature. A GHB user is at great risk of going into a coma after using this drug, which is listed on Schedule I, the list of the most addictive and dangerous drugs. GHB is even more addictive than the highly habit-forming crystal meth. The group who use this drug most often is teenagers and college students.

Ketamine and Rohypnol are often seen in club drugs addiction treatment. Ketamine’s addition is primarily psychological while Rohypnol, another popular date rape drug, is one of the most addictive depressants available. Because of the psychological ties teens and college students have with these “good time” drugs and their cost (usually only $2 to $10 per dose), club drugs addiction is a difficult challenge to overcome.

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