Intervention Treatment In Baltimore Maryland:

Intervention treatment in Baltimore Maryland:

Over the past ten years, Baltimore has made great strides to enhance their outreach and drug and alcohol treatments made available throughout the city. As far as they have come, there is still a journey that lies ahead. Building on Baltimore’s recent progress will require a substantially greater commitment of resources by both the city and state governments.  Close collaboration among city and state officials can provide the stability necessary to consolidate the gains already made and chart a long-term course to close the remaining gaps in the city’s publicly-funded treatment system. 

Treatment has become a fixture on the political landscape as citizens of Baltimore expect as much to be done as possible about the drug and alcohol issues in the city. More funding is needed and that has been the one thing that has most plagued the city in their efforts. City and State officials don’t always mesh on their ideas of how much money should be allocated to the programs. Planning and implementing substantial, predictable funding increases should be central to the city-state treatment collaboration.

Performance and availability needs to be evaluated to ensure that the proper care for long lasting success is being offered and available to drug abusers. There also needs to be even more aggressive treatment availability. Often, intervention is needed when someone’s life has spun out of control. When this happens, proper treatment must be available. Intervention treatment in Baltimore Maryland is like everywhere else. Many times it is the family of the person addicted that decides that treatment is necessary. Since obviously, most often the abuser will resist treatment there must be a new phase involved that is not instituted in other situations. This is a far different scenario than that of someone who is actively seeking drug treatment.

Intervention treatment in Baltimore Maryland would involve more and better residential treatment as well as more intensified counseling services. Since that level of treatment is currently not widely available due to funding, changes must be made. For decades, treatment has been underfunded, as policymakers at all levels have emphasized enforcement and incarceration rather than treatment and rehabilitation.  Backed by research and bolstered by public support, Baltimore’s efforts place it at the forefront of a growing movement to elevate treatment to a prominent role in the effort to reduce drug addiction and its associated problems.

Every American has a stake in the outcome in Baltimore.  If the city’s efforts succeed, they can serve as models for the rest of the country, helping to reduce crime and the size of the U.S. prison population, contributing to urban revitalization, and enhancing the quality of life for all citizens. It is drug intervention needed in Baltimore Maryland and not punishment of the drug abuser. Many times (but not always) the criminal behavior is associated with the drug use. Punishing the criminal behavior is not going to eliminate the addiction to the drug psychologically. As soon as the addict is released from jail, the cycle begins all over again.

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