Drug And Alcohol Detox In Baltimore Maryland:

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Baltimore Maryland:

When it comes to the initial part of any treatment program is Detox. This is the first step on the road to recovery after one has realized there is a problem. Drug and alcohol detox in Baltimore, Maryland is much the same in regards to that treatment phase as anywhere else in the country. Detoxification is ridding the body of the source of the physical addiction. It involves total elimination of the drug and/or alcohol from the addicts system. Drugs and alcohol linger in the liver, kidneys, stomach and many other organs in the body and these must be eliminated for total treatment to begin.

Most successful drug and alcohol detox programs are those that are done in-patient. Because the physical as well as the mental effects of detox can be so severe, a medical or treatment facility is best able to handle this situation. Because stopping the use of drugs and or alcohol after long abuse can be dangerous, there have been many changes made concerning drug and alcohol detox in Baltimore Maryland. Many times, small doses of drugs are given to help relieve the symptoms and also to ease the body from the toxins instead of drastically cutting them off. In Baltimore, this has proven so successful that there is a van that goes to local Needle Exchange operations throughout the city three times a week and offers the drug to addicts who are trying to quit on their own. It is treatments programs like these that make Baltimore a leader in the fight against drug abuse.

Drug and alcohol detox in Baltimore Maryland as well as across the country no longer requires drug addicts to suffer the nausea, headaches, depression, sweats, tremors and convulsions that can occur when one quits “cold turkey.” While the symptoms of detox still remain, they are much more manageable with the medications.

While drug and alcohol detox are necessary for treatment to begin, if follow up care physically and emotionally are not given, relapse often occurs. This is another reason residential or in-patient treatment should be utilized. Allowing a patient to detox and then sending them out the door is more than likely not going to help the problem. After detox, psychological care and physical follow up are needed to help insure the successful treatment of the drug/alcohol abuser. It is proven that the complete program works best when done in-patient.

There are good treatment centers available for drug and alcohol detox in Baltimore Maryland. In fact, Maryland in many ways leads the nation in being proactive against drug addiction and alcoholism. Baltimore in particular has established some incredible protocol and treatment programs because of their study and observation in taking an aggressive stand in treatment of addiction.

Detoxification is the first step but it is not a cure all. Drug and alcohol addiction involve both physical and mental dependency on the chemicals. Detox is only half of the battle, but it is no less important than the other. They must be used together to increase the chances of success.

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