Denver, Colorado Drug Treatment Centers and Rehab Programs

Find Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation locations in Denver, Colorado.

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Acacia Counseling Inc
1600 Downing Street
Suite 300
Addiction Treatment Outpatient Servs
3773 Cherry Creek Drive North
East Tower Suite 901
Alcohol Counseling Services of
Colorado Inc
1300 South Lafayette Street
ARTS Univ of CO Health Science Ctr
Peer 1 Administration
1827 Gaylord Street
ARTS Univ of CO Health Science Ctr
The Haven Mother's House I
3844 West Princeton Circle
ARTS Univ of CO Health Sciences Center
Peer I Motivation House
3722-3726 West Princeton Circle
BI Incorporated
BI Day Reporting Center Colorado
1630 Welton Street
Suite 200
Broader Horizons Counseling Services
1520 Marion Street
Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Serv
2222 East 18th Avenue
Choices In Living Counseling Center
1601 South Federal Boulevard
Suite 209
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
Substance Treatment Services
2100 Broadway
Community Alcohol/Drug Rehab and
Education Center (CADREC)
3315 Gilpin Street
Court House Inc
Daybreak Girl's Home
3804 West Princeton Circle
Crossover Counseling Inc
3801 East Florida Avenue
Suite 400
Denver Area Youth Services (DAYS)
1240 West Bayaud Avenue
Denver Inner City Parish
Project ReNew
1212 Mariposa Street
Dimensions in Awareness
4633 East Colfax Avenue
Eagle Counseling Services Inc
615 South Federal Boulevard
Suite 201
Excel Treatment Program
1660 South Albion Street
Suite 420
Harmony Foundation Inc
Outpatient Services
3545 South Tamarac Drive
Suite 300
Homebase Treatment and
Contracting Services LLC
2460 West 26th Avenue
Suite C-30
Latimer Counseling Services
3615 South Tamarac Drive
Suite 130
Mental Health Center of Denver
4353 East Colfax Avenue
Multi Addictions Processing Agency
2829 East 16th Avenue
1660 Albion Street
Suite 309
Sobriety House
Phoenix Concept
2162 Lawrence Street
Sobriety House Inc
107 Acoma Street
Spanish Clinic
4200 Morrison Road 8
Third Way Center Inc
1295 York Street
Turning Point Mental Health Services
6825 East Tennesee Street
Suite 112
Univ of CO Health Sciences Center/ARTS
Outpatient Women's Treatment Services
1648 Gaylord Street
Suite 150
Univ of CO Health Sciences Center/ARTS
Synergy Outpatient
1212 South Broadway
Suite 200
Action Substance Abuse Recovery
7100 North Broadway
Building 3-N
Alcohol/Behavior Information
1602 South Parker Road
Suite 110
Alpar Human Development Services
Alcohol Outpatient Treatment
1330 Leyden Street
Suite 103
ARTS Univ of CO Health Science Ctr
Synergy Residential
3660-3670 West Princeton Circle
ARTS Univ of CO Health Sciences Center
Peer I Inspiration House
3814-3818 West Princeton Circle
Behavior Services Institute
1600 Downing Street
Suite 200
Bonnie Mucklow
Families at Five
1191 South Parker Road
Broadway Counseling Services LLC
701 South Logan Street
Suite 105
Center for Recovery Inc
2121 South Oneida Street
Suite 412
Colorado Assessment and Treatment Ctr
4155 East Jewell Avenue
Suite 916
Colorado MOVES
2345 South Federal Boulevard
Suite 130
Council Project Recovery Miracles and
Step Forward
Compass Bank Building
655 Broadway Suite 200
Court House Inc
Daybreak Princeton Girls Home
3640 West Princeton Circle
Denver Area Youth Services (DAYS)
Day Treatment Program
688 Bryant Street
Denver Health and Hospital Authority
Adult Psychiatry Inpatient Unit
777 Bannock Street
Unit 9
Denver North Care Center
2201 Downing Street
Dove Counseling Inc
9450 Huron Street
Unit B
Empowerment Program
1600 York Street
Fresh Start Inc
2250 East 16th Avenue
Heritage Outpatient Treatment Services
1602 South Parker Road
Suite 214
Ideas Directed at Eliminating Abuse
2560 West 29th Avenue
Mental Health Center of Denver
Downing Site
1634 Downing Street
Mental Health Center of Denver
200 South Sherman Street
North Side Center for Change
4300 Kalamath Street
Porter Adventist Hospital
The Centre for Behavioral Health
2465 South Downing Street
Suite 110
Sobriety House Inc
Stepping Stone
1368 Elizabeth Street
Southwest Family Services
7550 West Yale Avenue
Suite B-204
Special Services Clinic Inc
301 Knox Court
Transition and Recovery
A Counseling Agency
1181 South Parker Road
Suite 104
Univ of CO Health Science Ctr ARTS
The Haven Day Treatment
3630 West Princeton Circle
Univ of CO Health Sciences Center/ARTS
Special Services Clinic
2121 East 18th Avenue
Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Substance Abuse Treatment
SATP 116A1 3-E Wing
1055 Clermont Street

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Preventing Teen Drug Abuse

Teens are encountering difficulties when it comes to preventing and treating drug abuse. Treating teens must be done carefully as many teens will be affected in different ways. This is due to how the teens are still growing and developing physically, which may be damaged if they are abusing...