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Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

An alcohol rehabilitation program is another name for alcohol rehab programs. These centers are specialized programs that are designed to assist an alcoholic in recovery so that he or she may become sober once more.

As a disease, alcoholism is chronic and is progressive. The very nature of the disease makes it one of the more damaging substances that a person can be addicted to. The exacting toll of alcoholism runs the gambit socially, physically and psychologically. Eventually, the disease consumes the alcoholic and either ruins the life of the individual or claims the life.

Alcohol rehabilitation programs halt the cycle of addiction. They provide the environment necessary for an alcoholic to begin pursuit of a life free from the bonds of addiction. The rehabilitation program gives an alcoholic a new set of emotional and physical tools to work with to overcome the addition.

Unfortunately, some people remain misinformed about the problem and extent of alcohol addiction. Some still view the disease as either a moral failing on the part of the user or as a character flaw. Neither of these assumptions are entirely accurate. Alcoholism addiction is classified as a disease. As such, it requires the treatment of a disease to allow a person with the addiction to become sober.

Because of the very nature of the illness, alcoholics must have medical intervention to become sober again. A person with the disease will also need help from the psychiatric and cognitive behavior fields.

Alcohol takes a toll in every way it can. It can devastate a person physically and drain them financially, spiritually and emotionally. Recovery requires a mult-faceted and multi-disciplinary approach. It takes a combination of resources to aid in the prevention of relapse and to provide an alcoholic with a new set of tools.

An alcohol rehabilitation program provides a safe environment where alcoholics are accepted and able to receive treatment for the disease. A treatment program can be preferred by alcoholics because the supportive atmosphere can be so very helpful.

The alcoholic can learn new life-skills in a alcohol rehabilitation program. These skills or tools will help a person with the addiction to fully understand the disease, its effects and causes. Once he or she has this new skill set they are then ready to learn how to become sober and stay that way.

The first step to rehabilitation is detoxification. This is the first stage. During this time the body of the addicted person reacts to cessation of alcohol. This is called withdrawals.

Withdrawals can be serious in nature and require medical intervention. Symptoms of withdrawal can range from mild flu-like symptoms to delirium, convulsions and even death.

The severity and amount of symptoms will vary from one person to the other. Withdrawals are affected by the amount of alcohol consumed and the length of time the person has been using the substance. It is also affected by the number of times the person with the disease has been in treatment. Withdrawals usually become worse with each successive attempt at rehabilitation.

The management of withdrawal symptoms is called detoxification. Some people call it “detox” for short. It is always the first step of any alcoholism recovery treatment program.

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