Investigating Promising Programs.

Investigating Promising Programs.

There are a lot of different programs out there, and as you work to plan and establish your own community drug treatment and Drug rehabs locations you will discover that you can learn a lot from other programs. Other people and communities are working hard to solve problems across the United States, and this tends to create situations where one community can suggest and provide options to another. In this fashion it’s possible to learn from one another, and part of this process is investigating other programs, especially ones that seem promising.

Finding programs- One of the best ways is to talk to people. Ask the members of your committee, ask people that you know and trust of programs that they have heard of or know about. Ask the members of your advisory board, and select different programs that seem promising. There are a lot of Drug rehabs and programs out there, so ask people what they know.

Another great resource is the list of recipients of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment Prevention and Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, CSAP and CSAT awards. These are programs that have been recognized by these two National groups for their excellence in providing Drug rehabs and drug treatment programs to people needing drug abuse treatment.

Screening programs- You should learn all you can after you find out a list of programs. Screen the programs by getting all of the written material on them you can, program brochures, reports, published accounts, and then draft some questions. Before you go visit the program you should have a list of gaps in knowledge, where you have general and specific questions, and put them in writing.

Then schedule an interview where you can talk openly with the program representative. Tell them your focus and that you are working to create and establish your own drug treatment and Drug rehabs type program, and are looking and visiting different programs to see how they do it. Most programs are very open to this; they were where you are at one point or another so they often are supportive and very helpful. Make sure that you write down as much as you can when they share information, if they are open to it perhaps take a personal tape recorder and tape the interview. This is a great way to save all the information in real time accurately.

There are a different number of types of Selection Criteria that you can use in finally evaluating the different programs you visit and learn about. However, the basic criteria should include: Demonstrated Effectiveness- how is they at doing what they are aiming at doing? The goals of different Drug rehabs are often different, so its important to judge them according to their mission statement and goals, as well as overall effectiveness in dealing with drug addiction.

Diversity- There are wide population groups in any community, and its important to look at a program to see if it is serving all members of the community. Sometimes without intent or conscious action a program will be heavily populated by only one or two groups, instead of being truly representative of all members and ethnic and cultural groups in a community it serves. For Drug rehabs to be truly successful, they have to embrace and use diversity in their treatment goals. Innovation- Does that program approach drug addiction and its problems in a new and successful way? For example one community is a Paws For Success, it trains addicts to become animal veterinary assistants, and to deal with pets successfully while treating their drug addiction at the same time. It is a program that supports the individual while bringing them into the close contact and therapeutic benefits that dealing with animals can support.

Writing Program Descriptions- Lastly as you evaluate you should summarize each program, according to their meeting some of these different factors, Innovation, effectiveness, diversity and other factors. Each of these programs approach drug addiction in a different way, and it’s important to put in writing the program descriptions of these Drug rehabs so they can be evaluated by your group.

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