Drug Alcohol Treatment Programs and Approaches

As you evaluate programs dealing with your City Profile Report, you will learn a lot of new and promising information. Do not allow it to overwhelm you, remember to keep a overview attitude, and try to remain as upbeat as you can as you meet with the program and program leaders. Each different type of Drug Treatment Center will be different so be flexible.

Different programs have different approaches, so its important to know when you are ready to approach each different program, and to have a list of questions. There are a lot of different things to cover in the interview, and a good idea is to draw up an “Interview Sheet” for each of your interviews. This is a sheet that will have a variety of spaces on it, for all of the who, what, when where and why information. The address of the program, as well as other issues, leaders and directors, focus, and general biographical information. It should include what type of Drug Treatment Center it is and their goals.

Further down on your Interview Sheet or document you should have a list of First Interview questions, These will often be made up of questions that you and your committee or group have generated but they often will have information and questions that should be the same each time.

Some of the generalized questions that you should be sure to ask on the First Interview should include: Outcome Data- What data did their program generate regarding the outcome and results they enjoy? This can have a number of different configurations depending on their goals and focus. Program Description- In their own words, what is their program, and how would they describe it? This can be very revelatory for you to hear how they would describe their own program. Often directors and leaders will describe their own particular Drug Treatment Center in a way or manner that might surprise you.

Other questions on the First Interview should include: Program Goals, What was the impetus for beginning the program, what are the aspects of their program that are particularly innovative, what agencies and programs do they interact with, and what was the data they used for implementation.

These are questions that will help you define their program for evaluation for your City Profile report, and it will also give you insights about the other types of programs and Drug Treatment Centers.

On the Second Interview with a program you don’t necessarily need to make a new biographical sheet, you can use a photocopy of the first, but the supplementary questions for the second interview can often be more relaxed. It gives more of an overview of their Drug Treatment Center.

During your second interview its important to note different things, such as: Sources of Funding, inquires of media coverage of their facility, anecdotes and stories they might like to share, the specific date the program began, and any awards and honors that the program has accumulated.

Often the Second Interview is the one where you can really connect person to person with the other program, and you will learn a great deal from both interviews about the type of Drug Treatment Center that the program runs.

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