Creating a Data Driven Report

Once you have settled on the group that you are going to be a part of and the goal of your group or committee, there are a large number of decisions that you have to make. Decisions include such issues as deciding on who will advisor your group, finding funding for your group, establishing clear objectives and deciding upon and selecting indicators.

These are the objectives and goals for the project phase of your plan. They will help you get to your goal of creation of an effective drug rehabilitation facility. Other issues to keep in mind and decisions involve deciding on the effectiveness of your final product, and the participating groups, agencies and organizations and the level of cooperation that you are able to set up. Planning and constructing a City Profile is part of the process in establishing eventually a drug rehabilitation facility.

There are several method that you can use to configure your profile report.

Using an Indicator Only Approach – In this approach you can decide to use existing data and information that provide indicators on what the issues and trend are locally. This approach has advantages and disadvantages, it is limited in scope and provides only the direction provided by the indicators. There are drawbacks that are likely to become visible when your eventual drug rehabilitation facility takes shape by using a Indicator only approach.

Establishing Objectives- The profile report that you and your group construct will have a sponsor, either an agency or a group of individuals, and this tends to mean that there will be a direct set of objectives, one or more in mind. Depending on the degree and scope of the local drug problem the objectives will vary. Depending on this level of drug addiction problems you will have to choose either a Indicator only approach or a broader, more Comprehensive Approach. Both type of reports are effective to garner support for a drug rehabilitation facility But they differ in how they approach a problem. These are both approaches that can be used to eventually construct a local drug rehabilitation facility.

Using a Comprehensive Approach- This is a broader, more data driven profile report type, and it can involve treatment approaches, prevention, other drug programs, and law enforcement. Each type of group will have local pertinent data that will affect the overall profile report.

Considering and Weighing Advantages and Options- is important to how you decide the success or failure of your project. You will have a number of different issues that face you, and you will have to decide the different criteria for judging your progress and overall success. These are all key issues in making a drug rehabilitation facility and city profile report.

Key Questions to Consider- How broad do you wish your profile report to be? Will your Profile Focus On single local city or cover the entire Metropolitan area, or the entire county? Do you want your profile report to have a broad reach? What legislation and policies will your profile target to influence? Do you know who you want to be affected by your report? What is your target audience for report? Do you want to try and chance hearts and minds? What priorities or public perceptions will your report and profile try to change And finally, how will you measure and judge impact of your profile report

Last there are three areas to remember. Where will you be Securing Funding? Every organization needs to have money to complete their project, in this case planning and implementing an effective drug rehabilitation facility. Who will be choosing Advisors, and how will advisors be selected? And finally, making sure that you choose a Project Control, a group or person that ultimately is responsible for the project.

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