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Alcohol Rehab Program

Alcohol rehab programs are also known as alcohol rehabilitation programs. These are specialized programs that help the alcoholic recover and become sober again.

The disease of alcoholism is chronic and progressive. Because of its very nature alcoholism is one of the most damaging addictions. The toll taken by alcoholism addiction ranges from economic to physical and social. Eventually, instead of the person consuming the alcohol the alcohol will consume the person.

Alcohol rehab programs work to stop the cycle of addiction and restore the alcoholic to sobriety. They do this by giving the alcoholic a new set of behavioral and cognitive tools to work with so that he or she can become a functioning member of society once again.

Some people still view alcoholism as a character flaw or as a moral failing. It is not. Like drug addiction alcohol is classified as a disease. This makes alcohol rehab a vital element in the recovery process. Alcoholics simply cannot break the addiction without help from both the psychological and medical fields.

Alcoholism is debilitating. It takes a toll physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Recovery from alcoholism addiction requires a specialized supportive atmosphere and a multi-disciplinary approach. This multi-faceted treatment will help the person who is addicted be better able to avoid relapse once the rehabilitation program has been completed.

Because the environment is supportive and safe some alcoholics will prefer an alcohol treatment program over other treatment options.

Once an alcoholic is fully engaged in a rehab program they will be able to learn skills. These skills will help them to understand the disease of alcoholism, its causes and effects. Once they fully understand the dynamics of the disease they can then work at overcoming the damaging effects and break free from alcoholism.

Alcohol rehab programs can handle any aspect of the disease. They can be a good choice for someone who is going to experience withdrawals. Withdrawals from alcoholism can be very dangerous. This happens when the body no longer has access to alcohol and begins to rebel.

The symptoms of withdrawal can range from mild to severe. The amount and severity of symptoms depend on the length of time that the person has been addicted to alcohol. It is also affected by the number of times that a person has attempted to stop drinking.

Withdrawal symptoms may include convulsions, flu-like symptoms, delirium and can progress until the alcoholic dies. Medical intervention is required to adequately treat withdrawal symptoms. The medical management of these symptoms is called detoxification – detox for short.

The first step of a rehab program is detox. The length of this stage of treatment depends on several factors and cannot always be adequately estimated.

The disease of alcoholism did not develop overnight in the person with alcohol addiction. Neither can the disease be cured overnight. It takes time, work and support to bring an alcoholic to wholeness. This is why so many people will turn to an alcohol rehab program to help them recover.

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