Eugene, Oregon Drug Treatment Centers and Rehab Programs

Find Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation locations in Eugene, Oregon.

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Center for Family Development
146 East 12th Avenue
1040 Oak Street
Emergency Addictions and
Behavioral Therapies
1461 Oak Street
Lane County
Alcohol/Drug/Offender Program
135 East 6th Avenue
New Day Treatment Services
2620 River Road
Suite 202
Serenity Lane
New Hope
2133 Centennial Plaza
White Bird Clinic
Chrysalis Program
323 East 12th Avenue
Willamette Family Treatment Services
Carlton Unit
1420 Green Acres Road
Centro Latinoamericano
944 West 5th Avenue
2149 Centennial Plaza
Integrated Health Clinics of Eugene
715 Lincoln Street
Looking Glass
Adolescent Recovery Program
20 East 13th Avenue
Prevention and Recovery Northwest
1188 Olive Street
Serenity Lane
616 East 16th Avenue
Willamette Family Treatment Services
Buckley House
605 West 4th Street
Willamette Family Treatment Services
Women's Residential
687 Cheshire Street

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