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APT Foundation Inc
Residential Services Division
425 Grant Street
Chemical Abuse Services Agency Inc
(CASA)/Eugenio Maria de Hostos
690 Arctic Street
Helping Hand Center Inc
Unit I
1124 Iranistan Avenue
New Era Rehailitation Center Inc
3851 Main Street
2nd Floor
Regional Network of Programs Inc
Regional Counseling Servs (RCS) OP/DF
480 Bond Street
APT Foundation Inc
425 Grant Street
Greater Bridgeport Community MH Center
Acute Substance Abuse Treatment Unit
1635 Central Avenue
Liberation Programs
Methadone Program
399 Mill Hill Avenue
Regional Network of Programs Inc
Kinsella Treatment Center/Detox
1438 Park Avenue

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Alcoholism Treatment

Alcohol is very much a part of social life. Friends frequently meet up in bars, wine is offered with fine dinners; there is a social pressure to enjoy alcohol. Alcohol consumption is enjoyable, as it provides the brain with a pleasing feeling and the body with an overall relaxed feeling. This...