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California People Counseling Center
4928 Lankershim Boulevard
CRI Help Inc
The George T Pfleger Center
11027 Burbank Boulevard
CRI Help Inc
5536 Fulcher Avenue
Valley Community Clinic
6801 Coldwater Canyon Avenue
Suite 1-B
CRI Help Inc
Pfleger Outpatient
8330 Lankershim Boulevard
CRI Help Inc
5544 Fulcher Avenue
Twin Town Treatment Centers
Twin Town/North Hollywood
6180 Laurel Canyon Boulevard
Suite 275
Western Pacific Med Corp
Western Pacific North Hollywood Med
11321 Camarillo Street

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Hydrocodone Abuse

Hydrocodone AbuseThe increasing abuse of Hyrocodone by people with non-chronic pain is a real issue all over the world. It’s not happening with the inner-city youth who live in the ghettos though. The main abuse is happening in the elite sectors all over the cities and towns. Even in...